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found a sweet app while on the road- actually a couple apps but i’ll get to those later.

it’s def not like us to pay for apps, we gotta fund our travels somehow- but this was cool.

the great smoky’s! from ouraugust on Vimeo.


well, holy hell…

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live from the Apple store in danbury ct – we just hit 800 hits on our lil’ blog!!!

full post coming soon- we’re not slacking i swear (not too much at least).



‘sup, GWB!

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thank you iPhone 4 and instagram!  and thank you state of NY for the $40 in 2 tolls!!

day 3…

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1249 miles
making new friends
getting shouts from other roadies
fell in LOVE with Asheville!
scary roads
huge ass trucks
pit stop at burger king (I know! we weren’t happy about it either!)
rivers & rapids
5 tanks of gas!!!
90’s alternative sing-a-long
might need to sell a kidney on eBay to pay for it all- totally worth it!
Virginia is def for lovas!

Hallelujah! for our trusty Apple iPhones!

fingers crossed the budget truck holds up on the last leg of this journey- 7 hrs to go!!

thanks for stickin’ with us- we still have so much to see!

Leonard n Agnes

*once we sit still for longer than 20min there will be a detailed post/photos & hopefully videos!

thru the smoky mtns!

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nothing but open roads, great company and narrowly escaping wicked weather!

*rad 8mm video to post as soon as I hack wordpress a bit.

quickie update from the passenger seat:

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13 1/2 hours
3 states
2 black bean/quinoa burgers in hotlanta (lil’ five points)!
682 miles [with 0 tolls!!]
2 tanks of gas
sore butt’s
lots of leftover easter candy
hand holding
a glimmer of the blue ridge mountains
and we’re just about to Knoxville and an ice cold beer!!!

we’re officially official

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hit the road this morning- there’s nothing quite like a 5am wake up call. gave the pup and the parents a big hug (few tears) and we were off! bound for Knoxville, TN! look to our twitter for quick blurbs and how many times Jonny pulls into a rest stop (1 so far in the first hr).

NYC or bust!

p.s. if you spot us out on the road give us a shout- we wanna know where you are!

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