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36,064 ft = 6.8 miles

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and we have the sore knees|blisters to prove it.

thanks again to scoutmob, instagram and iphone maps–  and a big shout out to poland springs for keeping us hydrated!

just a few of the stops along the way:
onieal’s was delish.
cold brew from third rail
the market

street art
flowers all in bloom
intricate architecture
sun on our faces
overpriced thrift
the smell of street meat
lots of hand holding and stealing kisses.

ny and ouraugust is off to a nice start.


movin’ on up…

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to murray hill- to a fantastic lil’ apartment on park ave. – yes, the park ave!

for a temporary stay thanks to my good friend steph’s good friend phil (who just happened to walk her down the aisle at her wedding).  seriously travelers, ask around- you never know who has what open and sometimes it really can work out to be something totally rad!!  network network!

for a short time i will be able to walk down “my” block to take in all the beauty that is the chrystler building, a stroll to grand central, a hop to brooklyn, and on and on and on! can’t wait to fill my lens with architecture, people watching, FOOD (omg the food!), and take in all that is New York City!  i’m allowing myself to feel the excitement, be a kid, look up and down and all around.  not too often do opportunities present themselves in park avenue ways ||”take it all in” will be my mantra!

photo cred: sothebys

 ps. i finally added a contact button under “us”- drop a note if you feel like you need a little privacy outside of the public comment forum.


tag…er..garage…er..rummage sale?

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Agnes and I have crap we don’t want anymore. Combined with my mom in CT we have a pile of crap nobody wants anymore.  How does one gainfully get rid of unwanted crap in New England?  Have a tag sale, duh!

Even before we landed in Shelton we were plotting.  How could continue to avoid the corporate 9-5 lifestyle but make some quick cash to add to our travel fund, like some serious benjamins to keep the adventures coming?

So without further adieu, mostly uh…don’t, here’s Leonard and Agnes’ How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (tag sale edition)…in 5 painstakingly, well thought out steps.

1)  Separate the crap that you can get rid of from the crap your Aunt Thelma gave you every birthday that she’ll notice missing and take offense to.

2) Make some kick-ass signs with letters big enough to read when you’re in the dense fog of the back woods of Connecticut.

3) Dig out a thousand baseball cards, a couple original gameboys, records and garbage pail kids only to find out they’re worth nothing in today’s market.

4)  Check the weather 100 times in the days prior to the event, seeing forecasts of rain, but choosing to forge ahead.

5) Bake 4 dozen cupcakes and expect well wishers to donate money to your travels in exchange for the generic brand and a sticker with your blog on it ($6 total in donations paid for 50% of the cupcake mix and frosting!)

If you follow these easy steps you too can enjoy 8 hours in 55 degree weather, awkward looks from passers by, a man telling you how much he hates London, a pity buy from your next door neighbor, catching up with some colorful characters, lots of coffee, and an overall great time!

lady friends.

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no, not my physical lady friends but some special gals in orlando, fla.  today one is having a a lovely little garden party, perfect timing for spring/summer in florida.  part of me is super bummed to be missing this, the chats, the catching up, the exchange of fresh blossoms and tasty snacks.  while they put on pretty dresses and listen to perfect summer tunes, leonard and i sit in 60 degree overcast, misty, damp, weather making our own fun and trying to sell a collection of “goods”.  the other part of me that’s not missing my family/friends and the sunshine is really looking forward to more ventures and setting new goals.

hard to believe that tomorrow will be a month since we set off in the good ol’ budget truck!

so, even if it’s not yet sundresses and sandals… me and this fella haven’t quit the laughter or the adventure- no weird northern weather can ruin that!

xo! agnes

Once upon a catering time…

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Agnes and Leonard decided it would be responsible and more socially acceptable to earn some money. They love their premature retirement but their family and friends have been starting to look at them funny. Taking this and their lofty goals into account, they signed up to cater in the big city.

Last night the dynamic duo shared their first gig. They arrived in the meat packing district, in matching black outfits, to discover the event was for the groundbreaking of the Whitney Museum.

They had no idea what to expect, though neither could understand why they were the “help” rather than the guests. They set up coat check, they lugged ice, they straightened table cloths, they took a coffee break. Then…the two were split. Agnes was sent to the main dining room to straighten silverware and fill water glasses while Leonard was put on butler service (offering the evening’s signature drink from a 25 pound tray). Leonard is still bitter.

Hours later they were reunited in their new jobs as wine stewards. Red or white? Red or white? Red or white? Google was honored. John McEnroe spoke. Debbie Harry and Blondie performed.

Feet sore, feathers ruffled, eyes tired. They walked back to the N train at Union square. They rode to their rental car that was parked in Astoria. They drove home.  The End.

taking it in.

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there is a certain kind of sweetness about smooches on a boardwalk and the steady hum of the manhattan skyline.

a view from ouraugust on Vimeo.

nyc- a city in just three days

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a recap of crazy:


metro north
times square
late late night

Dinner at Blockheads (Worldwide Plaza):  tofu Burrito, soy Cheese + guac.  Frozen margarita’s with upside-down coronas… Coronitas!

The Snug for a cold miller light (51st + 9th)

Southern Hospitality (45th + 9th) we had a killer 50% discount code but after having a few drinks realized it wasn’t for this location, bummer.  none the less, had a blast with our pals, justin and addie- washed down some bland nachos with Justin Timberlake‘s 901 tequilla and a shot called a black and white (ouch!)  addie had the best view of the door from her bar-stool – spied Cuba Gooding Jr. 100+supermodels, Brian Baumgartner (aka, kevin from scrantonocity).

Day #2:

slept in

4pm breakfast at the Neptune Diner (Astoria- Astoria blvd + 31st st): eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes, coffee- not the most friendly waiters ever but they do wear little bow ties and keep to themselves, privacy is nice.

Starbucks for a quick pick-us-up

Teddy’s Bar & Grill (Williamsburg-8th + Berry)- homemade veggie burger w/ seasoned curly fries and the moroccan salad, pistachios are aggie’s fav!  Used the great scout mob app for the iPhone and save $20 off our check!  got to hang with some good friends in a very comfy (tight) space.  thanks to travis for introducing us to whitney, all we want to do is play with her great dane now!  our good friend, karla made it up from orlando for the weekend- she’s a sick artist, check out her upcoming show in fla!

Day #3:

best day

Breakfast at Bagel Nosh (astoria/broadway)- whole wheat bagels w/tofu scallion cream cheese and the teenist tiniest coffees ever

N train to 59th and Lex.  Popped into the Levi’s Store – still don’t really get how they’re $60+ here and $29 at urban, oh well.

walked on over to fifth avenue and strolled hand in hand along Central Park and passed the zoo to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (5th ave @ between 82nd and 83rd streets)

powerful, emotionally charged art and sculpture that have withstood the test of time, A-frican quilt, the incredible yet completely claustrophobic and haunting Alexander McQueen Exhibit (it’d be cool to go back without the rainy day crowd), guitar heroes: legendary craftsman from Italy to New York Exhibit, 17th century sitting rooms, and of course the gift shop.  since working on a shoestring budget we realized that the museum’s admission prices are “recommended”- now we’re not suggesting trying to be stingy at the great MET, but if you can’t swing the $20 admission- donate what you can, the experience within these walls is worth every penny!

new friends

dinner at Fred’s Restaurant (83rd + Amsterdam): guac and chips, nicoise salad, veggie wrap, black bean soup, bloody mary’s, awesome penny bar top, dogs galore!!  Checked in with fb for 2 free drinks.  used scout mob again and paid $17 for a $60 check- the staff was great, the food ruled and we even got a thank you from the owner as we left.  agnes is now on a mission to submit a photo of miss max to add in their collection of cute furry faces.

walked all around the upper west side- many oohs and ahs, Riverside Park, the pier, trump buildings, ABC + the View building, Lincoln Center, Columbus Circle, Time Warner center… then we shared a couple pints of hot sour soup and called it a night- fell down totally exhausted!

back in the ct. to recharge our batteries and work on the money making thing!

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