Once upon a catering time…

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Agnes and Leonard decided it would be responsible and more socially acceptable to earn some money. They love their premature retirement but their family and friends have been starting to look at them funny. Taking this and their lofty goals into account, they signed up to cater in the big city.

Last night the dynamic duo shared their first gig. They arrived in the meat packing district, in matching black outfits, to discover the event was for the groundbreaking of the Whitney Museum.

They had no idea what to expect, though neither could understand why they were the “help” rather than the guests. They set up coat check, they lugged ice, they straightened table cloths, they took a coffee break. Then…the two were split. Agnes was sent to the main dining room to straighten silverware and fill water glasses while Leonard was put on butler service (offering the evening’s signature drink from a 25 pound tray). Leonard is still bitter.

Hours later they were reunited in their new jobs as wine stewards. Red or white? Red or white? Red or white? Google was honored. John McEnroe spoke. Debbie Harry and Blondie performed.

Feet sore, feathers ruffled, eyes tired. They walked back to the N train at Union square. They rode to their rental car that was parked in Astoria. They drove home.  The End.


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  1. love the shovels. aggie i may also have a pending job for you, but it only pays in hugs and discounts.


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