tag…er..garage…er..rummage sale?

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Agnes and I have crap we don’t want anymore. Combined with my mom in CT we have a pile of crap nobody wants anymore.  How does one gainfully get rid of unwanted crap in New England?  Have a tag sale, duh!

Even before we landed in Shelton we were plotting.  How could continue to avoid the corporate 9-5 lifestyle but make some quick cash to add to our travel fund, like some serious benjamins to keep the adventures coming?

So without further adieu, mostly uh…don’t, here’s Leonard and Agnes’ How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (tag sale edition)…in 5 painstakingly, well thought out steps.

1)  Separate the crap that you can get rid of from the crap your Aunt Thelma gave you every birthday that she’ll notice missing and take offense to.

2) Make some kick-ass signs with letters big enough to read when you’re in the dense fog of the back woods of Connecticut.

3) Dig out a thousand baseball cards, a couple original gameboys, records and garbage pail kids only to find out they’re worth nothing in today’s market.

4)  Check the weather 100 times in the days prior to the event, seeing forecasts of rain, but choosing to forge ahead.

5) Bake 4 dozen cupcakes and expect well wishers to donate money to your travels in exchange for the generic brand and a sticker with your blog on it ($6 total in donations paid for 50% of the cupcake mix and frosting!)

If you follow these easy steps you too can enjoy 8 hours in 55 degree weather, awkward looks from passers by, a man telling you how much he hates London, a pity buy from your next door neighbor, catching up with some colorful characters, lots of coffee, and an overall great time!


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  1. i’ll buy what’s leftover if you throw in the GPKids for FREE. 🙂 oh and ship it all to me. and then come make room in my closets for it. but don’t throw away my My Little Pony collection or any of Sam’s clothes. Or the empty plastic easter eggs i’ve been using for five years.

    Okay. Maybe just make some generous donations to your local thrift-stores?

    I miss you, knuckle-dirt.


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