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to murray hill- to a fantastic lil’ apartment on park ave. – yes, the park ave!

for a temporary stay thanks to my good friend steph’s good friend phil (who just happened to walk her down the aisle at her wedding).  seriously travelers, ask around- you never know who has what open and sometimes it really can work out to be something totally rad!!  network network!

for a short time i will be able to walk down “my” block to take in all the beauty that is the chrystler building, a stroll to grand central, a hop to brooklyn, and on and on and on! can’t wait to fill my lens with architecture, people watching, FOOD (omg the food!), and take in all that is New York City!  i’m allowing myself to feel the excitement, be a kid, look up and down and all around.  not too often do opportunities present themselves in park avenue ways ||”take it all in” will be my mantra!

photo cred: sothebys

 ps. i finally added a contact button under “us”- drop a note if you feel like you need a little privacy outside of the public comment forum.



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  1. That’s my kind of camping!!!

  2. You dogs,going to the part of the “BIg Apple” where there’s no worms!!
    That’s Great ! Love Dad


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