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Most recently we’ve been on the fence about traveling to Europe- sure there are friends and family to visit but everything is also twice as expensive to do and see.  A friend that lives in London mentioned how the economy is in the toilets right now and my mom sends a news article yesterday about the current and deadly e. coli outbreak.  So, do we go or do we choose a new adventure?  The original plan was to head overseas June 20- if that’s still a go, we’ve got a ton of planning to do!

This image (idea sparked by this gal) may be my answer.

I’m now sorta hooked on night images of everything (even though leonard thinks the shiny glimmers are where the e. coli outbreaks are).

Thoughts and feedback please.


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  1. all super good valid points… and, we’ve still come to no answer- just great.

  2. oops typo correction….ask yourselves if this is the time…

  3. The source for e.coli hasn’t been determined, but it’s been related to veggies…that’s tricky for vegetarians…Not to mention the cost of living over there…they say timing is everything…ask yourselves if the is this the time???..or might there be a better time???

  4. if you ever want to go, you better go now, before you have to grow up and be a big girl…..just sayin’.

  5. do it for me! just don’t eat any poop-food. xo.

  6. I have always been of the mind to go on the trip, no matter what(within reason of course, no war zones) I have never regretted a trip taken, only those left to some later date…


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