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We love mail, all types, even the junk (another man’s trash, right?)… these last few weeks it was fun to call Park Avenue our home.  We’re ready to move on past the honking and construction that is perpetually NYC but we loved embracing an address that we never thought we’d have.  That being said, getting mail at said address was freaking RAD!  Especially when the mail includes gag gifts, temporary tattoos, sweet letters and fabulous crafts!  Outside our families and each other- our friends matter most.  They are there… always, providing support and a smack upside the back of our heads when we’re being jackasses.  The love we have for our close pals… well, our cup overfloweth.


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  1. some say we are lucky to have friends like these, others say that we are rewarded for our own karma. i am not sure which i side with, luck, fate, karma, hard work. all i know is that a life with out friends like you two wouldn’t be one worth all the hard work, generosity, adult decisions, and long distance calls. i love you both and miss your faces more than you’ll ever know.


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