From One Bay To The Next… Part I

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It’s been determined (thanks to Agnes’ dad) that in the last couple months we’ve covered nearly 9,000 miles!  9,000!  From FL to CT, to NYC, back to CT, back to FL, out to San Fran and back to FL.  That’s some hefty frequent flier miles! Anyway, without further adieu (insert drumroll):

On July 10th we hitched a ride to Tampa International Airport and took to the friendly skies en route for San Francisco (with a brief layover in Houston, TX).  There was no in flight meal, they charged to watch TV and my knees were practically fused to the seat in front of me.  Ah, adventure!  It took two flights, some turbulence and 3,000 miles but when the wheels touched the tarmac at SFO, the duo knew they were on the brink!

After finding the luggage we set out to master SF’s public transit.  The BART (a train of some sort) was self explanatory, but DAMN those buses were tough (although most were zero emissions)!  1.5 hours after BART hopping, we found ourselves on the corner of Haight and Divisidero; the heart of “The Haight“.  We explored our beautiful 3 bed/2 bath apartment, walked up and down some pretty treacherous hills (far off the FL or CT landscapes) and realized we were famished.  I’m talking boarder-line delusional!  We tried a couple handy apps, but no result.  We agreed to wonder on, along the foreign terrain, and fall in somewhere new.  Luckily we ignored our feet because our haphazard hike led us to a vegan gem; Herbivore.  You have to try it next time you’re in the city by the bay! The portions were ridiculous!  Granted it’s a chain but it’s GOOD!  Agnes ended up with about a gallon of sweet and sour noodle soup and I ordered moussaka.  We toasted our day with local red wine and headed home to meet our roomie, Jessica from Barcelona…

more to come,


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  1. looks awesome. i’ve been trying for years to get out there to visit family.


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