Letting It Soak.

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It was so us.
It wasn’t stuffy.
It wasn’t a big show.
There was no champagne.
There were onion rings and a few pints of guinness.
We were in our spot,
We laughed,
There was giggling,
Long hugs,
Deep gazes,
100yrs of history,
and two stupid happy kids!

Tomorrow we hit the highway, pup in tow to continue this wonderful, crazy adventure.  31 days of august.  We’re going try and write from the road and see if we can get at least one post a day!  Hope everyone is enjoying this ride with us, we couldn’t be happier!!

leo & aggie


2 responses »

  1. i’ll keep the light on for you!!

  2. I am enjoying the ride. Thanks for letting us tag along….


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