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Tea Time

super citizen

Each day now, at ouraugust national headquarters, we break for tea and crumpets.  Tea time falls between bangers and mash time and marmalade sandwich time!  “But why?” you inevitably ask.  Because Leonard (henceforth to be known as Sir Leonard of Sheltonshire) is officially a blue blood.  A loyal subject of her majesty, the Queen.  A pond jumper of highest regard.  I’m British y’all.

This high honor of well documented dual citizenship has come after much time, effort, paperwork, sweat, worry, and amazing help from Agnes and from Sir Leo’s mom (big shout out for keeping every piece of paper that has ever grazed her palm).

Sir Leo of Sheltonshire dedicates this honor to his dad, Sir Robert of Birmingham.


Happy Accidents.

Somewhere between Rockaway Beach and Long Beach, this was snapped.


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