We Make Furniture.

When bunking in CT, watching the leaves change and anticipating apple picking, what’s the most Leonard and Agnes-y thing you can do?  If you guessed design and build a custom tufted headboard… you guessed right!

So, we set out to create furniture.  A fancy-ass headboard.  We made a shopping list for all the items we’d need:

-1/2″ plywood (home depot will cut the wood to your specifications and you get to keep the scraps
-a bolt of fabric (who knew there were so many choices!?)
-shank buttons (what?)
-2″ finishing nails
-batting (found it at tag sale)
-foam (so very expensive)
-spray glue
upholstery needle (eerily reminiscent of the needle from Pulp Fiction)
-staples (already had em’)
-upholstery thread (you could string up a piano using this stuff)
-and $132 (we were quoted $900 to have this custom-made)

Bound and determined, the duo set up a bench in the garage and got to work.  Leo began plotting measurements on the plywood, where he summoned some high school math to measure out and drill equidistant holes for the buttons.  Agnes and lady Max looked on from their patio furniture and took to delivering beer as Leo measured twice and cut once (swearing from time to time).  Once the mathematical marvel was complete, Agnes sprung to action offering an expertise in spray gluing.

Wood met foam, foam and wood were gift wrapped in a batting/fabric combo, much stapling ensued, pain-staking surgery was performed to thread the buttons through 1/2″ of plywood + 2″ of foam + 1″ of batting and drumroll….the custom-made, handcrafted, tufted headboard of Leonard and Agnes was complete.

us in action:

*shout out: Joann Fabrics, Home Depot, and The Fabric Factory Outlet in Milford, CT


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  1. Ooooh. And lala! Love the color choice. And I’m so confused… Where in the hell are you? Like now.

  2. very impresed you two! makin’ me proud! love you guys!

  3. OUTSTANDING JOB…very impressive…who know you both had this hidden talent! Great Job.
    Can you make a living doing this?

  4. If you shoould need plywood for another project, I do believe there is more in my garage!!


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