travel schmavel

Ok, I’m aware we just settled after months of shifting about but today I’m really feeling the travel bug again.  Like backpack through Indonesia style.  How does that work when one of us is actively job hunting and the other is teaching and in general just being awesome, oh right and then there’s miss m too.


I guess instead of planning a real trip- for now, I’ll just bask in the glory of Google images and Pinterest.


Is anyone out there in the interwebs planning a glorious retreat or sabbatical- if so make us super envious and spill all the details!  Also- check out the 45 places to go in 2012, posted by The NY Times.


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  1. Those are some really good pictures you took. 😮
    jealous.Love how bali looks in your photos! 🙂

  2. There are so many things going on around you right now. You have to just sit back and watch the show. Oh yeah—and wait for me to come visit.

  3. A friend just returned from Cambodia and Vietnam with amazing stories and pictures…however, no story matched the one about having luggage, passport and exit visa stolen after just having been told not to let any possession out of sight


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