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Where O’ Where…

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Not that this is a giant news flash but I completely forgot about Kayak’s “Explore” tab:  take a look at places to go on whatever budget|season you may be set in.

The U.K. this Spring?  We’re down.


We Make Furniture.

When bunking in CT, watching the leaves change and anticipating apple picking, what’s the most Leonard and Agnes-y thing you can do?  If you guessed design and build a custom tufted headboard… you guessed right!

So, we set out to create furniture.  A fancy-ass headboard.  We made a shopping list for all the items we’d need:

-1/2″ plywood (home depot will cut the wood to your specifications and you get to keep the scraps
-a bolt of fabric (who knew there were so many choices!?)
-shank buttons (what?)
-2″ finishing nails
-batting (found it at tag sale)
-foam (so very expensive)
-spray glue
upholstery needle (eerily reminiscent of the needle from Pulp Fiction)
-staples (already had em’)
-upholstery thread (you could string up a piano using this stuff)
-and $132 (we were quoted $900 to have this custom-made)

Bound and determined, the duo set up a bench in the garage and got to work.  Leo began plotting measurements on the plywood, where he summoned some high school math to measure out and drill equidistant holes for the buttons.  Agnes and lady Max looked on from their patio furniture and took to delivering beer as Leo measured twice and cut once (swearing from time to time).  Once the mathematical marvel was complete, Agnes sprung to action offering an expertise in spray gluing.

Wood met foam, foam and wood were gift wrapped in a batting/fabric combo, much stapling ensued, pain-staking surgery was performed to thread the buttons through 1/2″ of plywood + 2″ of foam + 1″ of batting and drumroll….the custom-made, handcrafted, tufted headboard of Leonard and Agnes was complete.

us in action:

*shout out: Joann Fabrics, Home Depot, and The Fabric Factory Outlet in Milford, CT

Monthly Exposure

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A ring, miles, weather, max, family, more miles, apartments, anniversaries, projects, work, lots of work, dark, fresh farm corn, trees, wet feet, brooklyn, birthdays, slushies, sushi, board games, smiles, love.

we kept it real.

xo leo and ag

L+A on the cheap

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This adventurous lifestyle of experiencing and then reporting back to you comes at a cost.  We took a two-person vote and decided unanimously that we are now secret agents, scouring the globe for the best deals in travel, food and personal style.  Think lots of walking and early bird specials.  Hell, Agnes can’t pass a thrift store without searching out the perfect sundress.  Though we love to throw caution to the wind we realize the value in penny pinching.  Of course it’s just our ironic approach to start experimenting with this bang for our buck angle in the most expensive city in the nation.  Just adds to the adventure, friends!

So, where to start?

1)    Download these apps!

*Groupon– available for a number of cities.  New deals come out daily, offering a variety of food, services and wares.  You pay a set amount and receive x number of dollars off or toward your investment.  Stretch those bucks!!

*Scout Mob– our personal favorite.  They pinpoint your location and show deals by distance.  Just show the app after you stuff your face and reap the benefits.  -Note- there’s generally a cap depending on the spot (ex. 50% off up to $20)

2)    One man’s trash…

Thrift, thrift, thrift.  Whether it’s Goodwill or a boutique thrift shop there is cheap-ass treasure to be found.  Leonard scored a cashmere ralph sweater for $12.  Agnes can be scene sporting an all leather Coach brief case that was $3.  Hint, avoid any shop they called “vintage”.  It’s just an excuse to sell a pair of used army boots for 200 bucks.  Most recently we scored a few dress forms in a rad chelsea dumpster dive- hope to turn a quick profit with these lovely gals.

3)    Walk!!

The subway is the cheapest mode of transportation in the city, but that shit adds up.  A single ride is $2.50 and a monthly unlimited pass will run ya $104 , while two pairs of Saucony Jazz cost roughly the same.  Throw on your kicks and strut your stuff.  Word to the wise?  Wear socks.

4)   Work!

Pick up some work in the town you’re in.  We signed up to cater.  It’s fairly soul sucking but we work when it suits us and it pays $25/hr., which makes Aggie feel better about her thrifting habit.

So, there it is…  our first cheat sheet (we’ll add more as it hits us).

enjoy all your daily adventures!


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