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Found My Girl.

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Nearly 23 months, thousands of miles under our feet, nights of endless smiles and new adventures around every corner – this is us.

Found My Girl from ouraugust on Vimeo.

Thank you for all the voting, keep those raw fingers clicking! (last day is 6/28)


and a huge thanks to Drew Williams for this video and his unlimited supply of vinyl!

Jonny & Jess

aka Leonard and Agnes


Happy Accidents.

Somewhere between Rockaway Beach and Long Beach, this was snapped.


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Monthly Exposure

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A ring, miles, weather, max, family, more miles, apartments, anniversaries, projects, work, lots of work, dark, fresh farm corn, trees, wet feet, brooklyn, birthdays, slushies, sushi, board games, smiles, love.

we kept it real.

xo leo and ag


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I miss it, immensely.

Take a look at this lady’s fine work, a sweet collaboration with her husband.

He wrote and she carved wood, they won the Caldecott- take a look at the full story of how this children’s book came to be, here.

Enjoy, agnes

Oh, Stop It…

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No, keep going.

Seriously just fell hard for all things Katie Daisy.

Please, Leo please can we soon have a sun-filled home full of beautiful images and dreamy things.

Came across her art while skipping through google reader and pacing the panic room – love the recent Rabbit poster designed for their upcoming show in our new favorite little big town, Asheville.

xo- agnes

We Need a Fix…

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Tacos tacos tacos- this is for all our buds out there with the hunger, the craving, the constant need for those beautiful blend of spices, the crunch, the sauce…

for happy mouths click HERE

*thanks joe for finding this beauty.

Over the River and Thru the Woods

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Some random tunes carried us on our way.

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