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Found My Girl.

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Nearly 23 months, thousands of miles under our feet, nights of endless smiles and new adventures around every corner – this is us.

Found My Girl from ouraugust on Vimeo.

Thank you for all the voting, keep those raw fingers clicking! (last day is 6/28)


and a huge thanks to Drew Williams for this video and his unlimited supply of vinyl!

Jonny & Jess

aka Leonard and Agnes


Promoting our pants off…

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oh yes, shameless indeed – we need votes and lots of ’em, there is some tough competition!


and then do it again.

pour some wine it’s voting time!   (ok, maybe I’ve had a glass or two or three already).


Thanks everyone!


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Just stumbled upon this duo – A Pair of Pears (cute, huh?)

Totally digging their eye, the way they connect with their audience and their overall design sense.  Take a peak at what they’ve got going on…




travel schmavel

Ok, I’m aware we just settled after months of shifting about but today I’m really feeling the travel bug again.  Like backpack through Indonesia style.  How does that work when one of us is actively job hunting and the other is teaching and in general just being awesome, oh right and then there’s miss m too.


I guess instead of planning a real trip- for now, I’ll just bask in the glory of Google images and Pinterest.


Is anyone out there in the interwebs planning a glorious retreat or sabbatical- if so make us super envious and spill all the details!  Also- check out the 45 places to go in 2012, posted by The NY Times.


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Adventures in Peanuts?

The fella loves his peanut butter, like l.o.v.e.s. it!  Slathers the stuff on pretzels, veggies, bread- takes it with chocolate, in vanilla ice cream and sneaks spoonfuls outta the cupboard.  Being the resourceful gal that I am, I received an email from Scoutmob one morning highlighting a new 50% off deal for a local eatery… Peanut Butter & Co.  Leonard had mentioned this joint awhile back and I wrote it off as some gimmicky NYC tourist trap.  I can admit to being wrong (sometimes) and in this case I was absolutely incorrect.  Peanut Butter & Co. rules.  A rainy Tuesday called for concoctions mama used to make.  His: PB, Marmalade and almonds on wheat Mine: Cinnamon and Raisin PB, Granny Smith apples and vanilla cream cheese (I swear to work out… soonish).  Delish!


So, the next time your visit to the big apple takes you near Washington Square Park, swing into this place… my next visit will involve something with marshmallow fluff.

xo, agnes

She Strikes Again!

Our dear friend; the seriously talented and always inspirational – erin trumble!

take a peak at her interview with directory b

Tea Time

super citizen

Each day now, at ouraugust national headquarters, we break for tea and crumpets.  Tea time falls between bangers and mash time and marmalade sandwich time!  “But why?” you inevitably ask.  Because Leonard (henceforth to be known as Sir Leonard of Sheltonshire) is officially a blue blood.  A loyal subject of her majesty, the Queen.  A pond jumper of highest regard.  I’m British y’all.

This high honor of well documented dual citizenship has come after much time, effort, paperwork, sweat, worry, and amazing help from Agnes and from Sir Leo’s mom (big shout out for keeping every piece of paper that has ever grazed her palm).

Sir Leo of Sheltonshire dedicates this honor to his dad, Sir Robert of Birmingham.

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