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Promoting our pants off…

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oh yes, shameless indeed – we need votes and lots of ’em, there is some tough competition!


and then do it again.

pour some wine it’s voting time!   (ok, maybe I’ve had a glass or two or three already).


Thanks everyone!



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I miss it, immensely.

Take a look at this lady’s fine work, a sweet collaboration with her husband.

He wrote and she carved wood, they won the Caldecott- take a look at the full story of how this children’s book came to be, here.

Enjoy, agnes


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31 days of adventure, so spontaeneoulsy (it’s a word, i swear.) amazing, we don’t even know what will take place.

It’s that good.

leo and aggie celebrate their August.

OURWORLD bday gift (happy birthday mama z) masterpiece done by none other than leonard himself



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we’re kickin’ off our weekend with a 1.3 mile walk over the 128 year old brooklyn bridge (a first for aggie!) and a ride, hop, stroll to prospect park to see a free performance by mr. andrew bird!

also… pretty stoked for the renegade arts and crafts show saturday and sunday and whatever else comes our way!  enjoy your weekend, stay cool and drink lots of slush puppies!

ps.  be sure to check out this lady for a fun follow up of her lil’ dudes rawrin’ birthday party!

nyc- a city in just three days

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a recap of crazy:


metro north
times square
late late night

Dinner at Blockheads (Worldwide Plaza):  tofu Burrito, soy Cheese + guac.  Frozen margarita’s with upside-down coronas… Coronitas!

The Snug for a cold miller light (51st + 9th)

Southern Hospitality (45th + 9th) we had a killer 50% discount code but after having a few drinks realized it wasn’t for this location, bummer.  none the less, had a blast with our pals, justin and addie- washed down some bland nachos with Justin Timberlake‘s 901 tequilla and a shot called a black and white (ouch!)  addie had the best view of the door from her bar-stool – spied Cuba Gooding Jr. 100+supermodels, Brian Baumgartner (aka, kevin from scrantonocity).

Day #2:

slept in

4pm breakfast at the Neptune Diner (Astoria- Astoria blvd + 31st st): eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes, coffee- not the most friendly waiters ever but they do wear little bow ties and keep to themselves, privacy is nice.

Starbucks for a quick pick-us-up

Teddy’s Bar & Grill (Williamsburg-8th + Berry)- homemade veggie burger w/ seasoned curly fries and the moroccan salad, pistachios are aggie’s fav!  Used the great scout mob app for the iPhone and save $20 off our check!  got to hang with some good friends in a very comfy (tight) space.  thanks to travis for introducing us to whitney, all we want to do is play with her great dane now!  our good friend, karla made it up from orlando for the weekend- she’s a sick artist, check out her upcoming show in fla!

Day #3:

best day

Breakfast at Bagel Nosh (astoria/broadway)- whole wheat bagels w/tofu scallion cream cheese and the teenist tiniest coffees ever

N train to 59th and Lex.  Popped into the Levi’s Store – still don’t really get how they’re $60+ here and $29 at urban, oh well.

walked on over to fifth avenue and strolled hand in hand along Central Park and passed the zoo to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (5th ave @ between 82nd and 83rd streets)

powerful, emotionally charged art and sculpture that have withstood the test of time, A-frican quilt, the incredible yet completely claustrophobic and haunting Alexander McQueen Exhibit (it’d be cool to go back without the rainy day crowd), guitar heroes: legendary craftsman from Italy to New York Exhibit, 17th century sitting rooms, and of course the gift shop.  since working on a shoestring budget we realized that the museum’s admission prices are “recommended”- now we’re not suggesting trying to be stingy at the great MET, but if you can’t swing the $20 admission- donate what you can, the experience within these walls is worth every penny!

new friends

dinner at Fred’s Restaurant (83rd + Amsterdam): guac and chips, nicoise salad, veggie wrap, black bean soup, bloody mary’s, awesome penny bar top, dogs galore!!  Checked in with fb for 2 free drinks.  used scout mob again and paid $17 for a $60 check- the staff was great, the food ruled and we even got a thank you from the owner as we left.  agnes is now on a mission to submit a photo of miss max to add in their collection of cute furry faces.

walked all around the upper west side- many oohs and ahs, Riverside Park, the pier, trump buildings, ABC + the View building, Lincoln Center, Columbus Circle, Time Warner center… then we shared a couple pints of hot sour soup and called it a night- fell down totally exhausted!

back in the ct. to recharge our batteries and work on the money making thing!

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