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In the saddle.

Feeling motivated and inspired by my clean eating friends and family, we’re becoming even more label obsessed and aware of what we consume.  Pretty bummed about our loss of Kashi products (read why here), but super excited about finding out about leafy protein packed plants… Katuk anyone?  As a Florida girl I’m slapping myself for never knowing about ECHO.  Among the many things going on at their Ft. Myers headquarters, they provide hard-to-find beneficial food plants and seeds for poor famers and urban gardeners.


Leo and I are even on the wagon for a bit after a few too many unwelcome morning alcohol induced headaches.  We recently discovered the almighty porter; it’s dark, it’s smokey and it’s delicious.  A friend mentioned after my complaining of just getting old, that I may want to steer clear of the drafts.  I suppose she’s right, yards and yards of plastic tubing stretching up and under and over to the tap does make one wonder just how often are those flushed out?

My goal is not to go nuts with change but to hone my skills.  Prepare more from scratch and use my noggin to be creative with what we’ve got.  We’re lifetime budgeters, nothing is wasted.

For a little internet reading; head over to my ladybird, Erin at Turquoise Violets for all the good, bad and ugly of her cleanse.  Also, check out sites like My Food Fridge here, plug in what you’ve got to work with and like magic they crank out the corresponding recipe ideas.

photo credit- ECHO staff


Birds and Bare Legs

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Make for an incredible Florida October day!

Credit goes to my niece, e.f.h. – I lived for her giggles this week.

Falling In.

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We have a habit of falling into the most random places.  most of the fun and GREAT eats happen when there is no plan.

Thank you city of Dunedin and a little tapas restaurant, The Living Room– date nights rule!

Always go for the new and unexpected – there might even be a Liberace-style piano in store for you.

x to tha o- ag

August is For Mermaid Hair…

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and nose bubbles

xo, aggie!


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31 days of adventure, so spontaeneoulsy (it’s a word, i swear.) amazing, we don’t even know what will take place.

It’s that good.

leo and aggie celebrate their August.

OURWORLD bday gift (happy birthday mama z) masterpiece done by none other than leonard himself


sally sells seashells?

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hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend || drink some lemonade, smell the fresh cut grass and a midday rain, take a break and embrace the 3 day weekend!

leo and i will be spending ours all american-style with baseball, family, friends, sparklers, beers and veggie dogs.

longboat key, fla. from ouraugust on Vimeo.

xo! agnes

tying up loose ends…

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we made a florida countdown list during our final month- putting a post together of some good times with good family/friends.  as soon as i come back from sand sun and surf today, it’s edit edit edit – might be a photo overload (just a warning).

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