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Promoting our pants off…

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oh yes, shameless indeed – we need votes and lots of ’em, there is some tough competition!


and then do it again.

pour some wine it’s voting time!   (ok, maybe I’ve had a glass or two or three already).


Thanks everyone!


New Obsession.

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Thanks to sheep station, I crave this constantly!

Beautiful lovely delicious, poutine.

I should really look into a work out plan.

xo, agnes

Once upon a catering time…

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Agnes and Leonard decided it would be responsible and more socially acceptable to earn some money. They love their premature retirement but their family and friends have been starting to look at them funny. Taking this and their lofty goals into account, they signed up to cater in the big city.

Last night the dynamic duo shared their first gig. They arrived in the meat packing district, in matching black outfits, to discover the event was for the groundbreaking of the Whitney Museum.

They had no idea what to expect, though neither could understand why they were the “help” rather than the guests. They set up coat check, they lugged ice, they straightened table cloths, they took a coffee break. Then…the two were split. Agnes was sent to the main dining room to straighten silverware and fill water glasses while Leonard was put on butler service (offering the evening’s signature drink from a 25 pound tray). Leonard is still bitter.

Hours later they were reunited in their new jobs as wine stewards. Red or white? Red or white? Red or white? Google was honored. John McEnroe spoke. Debbie Harry and Blondie performed.

Feet sore, feathers ruffled, eyes tired. They walked back to the N train at Union square. They rode to their rental car that was parked in Astoria. They drove home.  The End.

chef leonard

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spent an afternoon at the dogwood festival in Greenfield Hill on Friday, adorable tiny town with unreal homes, barns, so super charming!! We stumbled upon the best olive oil/balsamic vinegar we’ve ever sampled… that being said, we tried lemon infused, garlic infused, basil infused and hot pepper infused olive oils- jonny’s head started buzzing immediately with what he could stir fry!

the meal hit the spot and i’m not even a huge tempeh fan.  it’s good to experiment.

well, damn!

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in the past 2 weeks we….

enjoyed a quick get-a-way with our lake worth favs, headed north to citrus county (‘sup elvis!), made some spare cash working some catering jobs, soaked up the gorgeous fla weather via hammock, cheered on my (agnes) lil’ sis during her first 5k, held hands with papa g, ran wild with miss m, snapped pics of emma graduating from preschool, long conversations with dear|old|best friends, consumed lots of coffee, ate delish grits, rolled up spook hill, listened to the carillon bells at bok tower gardens, took in the view at lake tarpon, got pretty flowers from leonard, we kayaked three sisters springs, homassasa springs and weeki wachee (hovered over 5 manatees, babies and mamas).  smelled the jasmine, gained much-needed perspective, listened to the sweet tunes of the darling cavaliers, fancy hair cuts, wine & gouda, splish splashed in the family pool, had a sleepover and painted nails, dipped our toes in the gulf, ate raw vegan, drank $9 beers at the opening rays game, took mama z  for the best bloody marys and Rent in the park, drove, laughed, hugged, and filled all our hours with the best people and places imaginable in the sunshine state!!

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