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Monthly Exposure

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A ring, miles, weather, max, family, more miles, apartments, anniversaries, projects, work, lots of work, dark, fresh farm corn, trees, wet feet, brooklyn, birthdays, slushies, sushi, board games, smiles, love.

we kept it real.

xo leo and ag

20 Questions

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Classic road-tripping game, decided to turn off the app and do it analog style.

Went something like this:
Leonard thinks of a mineral.
Agnes guesses:
Is it bigger than Hammerhead? No
Is it bigger than max? No
Is it smaller than my purse? Yes
Is it smaller than my cup? Yes
Is it metal? No
Is it cotton? No
Is it a vegetable? Yes
Is it a radish? YES!!!

We get each other.

Falling In.

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We have a habit of falling into the most random places.  most of the fun and GREAT eats happen when there is no plan.

Thank you city of Dunedin and a little tapas restaurant, The Living Room– date nights rule!

Always go for the new and unexpected – there might even be a Liberace-style piano in store for you.

x to tha o- ag

weekly exposure

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