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But true.

“This is an important month for many reasons.  To my fellow Leo’s…you know the secret handshake.  To everyone else…welcome to our month, just don’t touch anything!!”  courtesy of Tuesday’s with Jonny

happy august 4th all- just gonna throw this out there because it’s on my mind- thirty thirty thirty thirty thirty- i’m turning thirty in three more days!

29 years later and i still prefer brownies over cake.



August is For Mermaid Hair…

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and nose bubbles

xo, aggie!


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31 days of adventure, so spontaeneoulsy (it’s a word, i swear.) amazing, we don’t even know what will take place.

It’s that good.

leo and aggie celebrate their August.

OURWORLD bday gift (happy birthday mama z) masterpiece done by none other than leonard himself

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