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Adventures in Peanuts?

The fella loves his peanut butter, like l.o.v.e.s. it!  Slathers the stuff on pretzels, veggies, bread- takes it with chocolate, in vanilla ice cream and sneaks spoonfuls outta the cupboard.  Being the resourceful gal that I am, I received an email from Scoutmob one morning highlighting a new 50% off deal for a local eatery… Peanut Butter & Co.  Leonard had mentioned this joint awhile back and I wrote it off as some gimmicky NYC tourist trap.  I can admit to being wrong (sometimes) and in this case I was absolutely incorrect.  Peanut Butter & Co. rules.  A rainy Tuesday called for concoctions mama used to make.  His: PB, Marmalade and almonds on wheat Mine: Cinnamon and Raisin PB, Granny Smith apples and vanilla cream cheese (I swear to work out… soonish).  Delish!


So, the next time your visit to the big apple takes you near Washington Square Park, swing into this place… my next visit will involve something with marshmallow fluff.

xo, agnes



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we’re kickin’ off our weekend with a 1.3 mile walk over the 128 year old brooklyn bridge (a first for aggie!) and a ride, hop, stroll to prospect park to see a free performance by mr. andrew bird!

also… pretty stoked for the renegade arts and crafts show saturday and sunday and whatever else comes our way!  enjoy your weekend, stay cool and drink lots of slush puppies!

ps.  be sure to check out this lady for a fun follow up of her lil’ dudes rawrin’ birthday party!

L+A on the cheap

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This adventurous lifestyle of experiencing and then reporting back to you comes at a cost.  We took a two-person vote and decided unanimously that we are now secret agents, scouring the globe for the best deals in travel, food and personal style.  Think lots of walking and early bird specials.  Hell, Agnes can’t pass a thrift store without searching out the perfect sundress.  Though we love to throw caution to the wind we realize the value in penny pinching.  Of course it’s just our ironic approach to start experimenting with this bang for our buck angle in the most expensive city in the nation.  Just adds to the adventure, friends!

So, where to start?

1)    Download these apps!

*Groupon– available for a number of cities.  New deals come out daily, offering a variety of food, services and wares.  You pay a set amount and receive x number of dollars off or toward your investment.  Stretch those bucks!!

*Scout Mob– our personal favorite.  They pinpoint your location and show deals by distance.  Just show the app after you stuff your face and reap the benefits.  -Note- there’s generally a cap depending on the spot (ex. 50% off up to $20)

2)    One man’s trash…

Thrift, thrift, thrift.  Whether it’s Goodwill or a boutique thrift shop there is cheap-ass treasure to be found.  Leonard scored a cashmere ralph sweater for $12.  Agnes can be scene sporting an all leather Coach brief case that was $3.  Hint, avoid any shop they called “vintage”.  It’s just an excuse to sell a pair of used army boots for 200 bucks.  Most recently we scored a few dress forms in a rad chelsea dumpster dive- hope to turn a quick profit with these lovely gals.

3)    Walk!!

The subway is the cheapest mode of transportation in the city, but that shit adds up.  A single ride is $2.50 and a monthly unlimited pass will run ya $104 , while two pairs of Saucony Jazz cost roughly the same.  Throw on your kicks and strut your stuff.  Word to the wise?  Wear socks.

4)   Work!

Pick up some work in the town you’re in.  We signed up to cater.  It’s fairly soul sucking but we work when it suits us and it pays $25/hr., which makes Aggie feel better about her thrifting habit.

So, there it is…  our first cheat sheet (we’ll add more as it hits us).

enjoy all your daily adventures!


36,064 ft = 6.8 miles

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and we have the sore knees|blisters to prove it.

thanks again to scoutmob, instagram and iphone maps–  and a big shout out to poland springs for keeping us hydrated!

just a few of the stops along the way:
onieal’s was delish.
cold brew from third rail
the market

street art
flowers all in bloom
intricate architecture
sun on our faces
overpriced thrift
the smell of street meat
lots of hand holding and stealing kisses.

ny and ouraugust is off to a nice start.

245 gallons of gas on the wall…

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wanted to submit this sunday, but 10 min to wed will work too, right?!

Mileage to CT: 1650
7 tanks of gas
10 states
Cities: Tampa, Holiday, Gainesville, Atlanta, Knoxville, Asheville, Richmond, Baltimore, Shelton


We hadn’t made it a mile when it dawned on us that Dunkin Donuts should be our first food stop of many.

Have you had the lox and bagels at Einstein? Fantastic stuff. The last time we were there in Tampa we flipped up the lip on our coffee cups and won a free bagel sandwich so of course, Agnes being the thrifty shopper that she is, was hell bent on redeeming our winnings. Thus began the search through all of Gainesville to satisfy our palettes and our wallets. Mary led us all over gator country. We hopped a curb, added about 50 miles to the trip and I’m pretty sure we parked the Budget truck on a student or two.

Our good friend Jacob, who is notorious for his love of nachos, took a step away from his standard and recommended a joint called The Porter in the Little Five Points hood. The Porter had just about every beer you could imagine (and many you couldn’t), inventive food and amazing garlic, herb fries.

After a drive down the main drag, checking into the Holiday Inn Knoxville, and consulting a helpful concierge, we ended up in the Downtown Grill and Brewery. The food was…eh. I ordered what I thought would be a Greek salad (turned out to be a weird ass pizza…basically a soggy tortilla with cheese….which coincidentally is our new band name) and Agnes snagged a portabella burger. Who knew that after 11PM they changed the menu to what only can be referred to as bar(f)ood!? On a more positive note, they brewed their own beer that came in “free” commemorative glasses. If you’re in town be sure to try their microbrews. We went for the IPA and the White Mule Ale. Tasty!

To reiterate, Asheville is incredible. It’s where dreams come true. It’s where the streets are paved in gold. It’s better than fu*king Disneyland. It’s as if the mountains, the air, the trees, the plants, the people, and the Biltmores had one big artistic love child. We love it. Can’t you just picture Leonard and Agnes sitting on a porch, sipping lemonade, blogging and whiling away the hours? We can!! Back to the food though! A quick google search turned up a gem! It’s a vegetarian/vegan spot called The Green Light Cafe. It was a light, refreshing, and fulfilling treat. Check this out…they had chlorophyll water. No shit! We sucked it down by the eerie green gallon. For lunch we split vegetable spring rolls and a tempeh blt . Both were better than the other…figure that out.

We strutted across the Best Western parking lot at 2am, plastic cups of Riesling in hand, to the local gas station and were thrilled with our find. Sandwiches made to order! What a prize after we stared a dead whore in the face only an hour earlier.

Early on in our adventure we decided it would be cool to indulge our inner foodies. Agnes whipped out her iPhone, hopped on the app store and within seconds found Flavortown, an app that showed every location featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. After a couple failed attempts and near misses with cities we landed in Baltimore on our last travel day at a joint call BOP (brick oven pizza). We had the white clam pizza (garlic sauce, mozzarella, parmigiana, fontina and ocean clams for $11.65) Wow!

Main Post

On Monday, April 25th we set out on an adventure. No, not an adventure…a lifestyle! We started in Holiday, FL and ended in Shelton, CT, taking in some must see sights along the way. Armed with a fully packed 15’ Budget truck (which was completely rearranged by Agnes’ dad), a GPS affectionately named Mary, 2 iPhone 4’s (thank god because Mary was telling lies), and some Easter Candy, we woke before sunrise and hopped in the big rig that would be our home away from home for the next 72 hours. Some of you even saw the sign on our truck and wrote in. Thanks for not criticizing my driving. That thing was a bitch!

We’d had the idea for some time to broaden our horizons beyond the sunshine state and experience the country…then the continent…then the world. That’s right! This is just the beginning. Neither of us are huge fans of convention, so this is the transition from the stress of the corporate world to the documenting of our travels, our food, our laughs, our family, our old friends/new…ouraugust!

In hindsight, we went took just about the most back-assed route possible, adding roughly 550 miles to an 1100 mile trip. You know what!? It was worth it. We got lost on the University of Florida campus. We navigated Knoxville after a storm surge knocked out the power and all the back windows in our hotel. We traversed the Smoky Mountains on a shit and a prayer (as we descended, my knuckles white, Agnes delighted in snapping photos of runaway truck ramps). We fell in love with Asheville, N.C. (It’s rich with art, music, food and wonderful views! Shout out to the wonderful, friendly people we met.) We aimed for Greensboro and completely missed. We were terrorized by an extremely high off ramp and a scary hotel in Richmond, VA. We drove through our nation’s capital. We were very happily surprised by the Fell’s Point neighborhood in Baltimore. We saw the gorgeous NYC skyline from New Jersey (Agnes was beside herself). We arrived in CT, 4 hours later than planned in the pitch black dark and the worst fog I’ve ever seen– and 7 tanks of gas in the friggin’ truck…. The best part though? We said we were gonna do it and we did. High five!

Thanks for tuning in,

‘sup, GWB!

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thank you iPhone 4 and instagram!  and thank you state of NY for the $40 in 2 tolls!!

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