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Ok, I’m aware we just settled after months of shifting about but today I’m really feeling the travel bug again.  Like backpack through Indonesia style.  How does that work when one of us is actively job hunting and the other is teaching and in general just being awesome, oh right and then there’s miss m too.


I guess instead of planning a real trip- for now, I’ll just bask in the glory of Google images and Pinterest.


Is anyone out there in the interwebs planning a glorious retreat or sabbatical- if so make us super envious and spill all the details!  Also- check out the 45 places to go in 2012, posted by The NY Times.


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the written language

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Just stumbled across this little site…  what should I read next (thanks to a cup of jo).  Maybe it will help you pick out your next mid-summer read, something to lull you to sleep or entertain you on planes and trains…

[almost a year later and i still don’t get tired of seeing the incredible Penguin Hardcover Classics designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith]

I used to be the biggest book worm as a kid… I’ll never know why my mother let me read the “Goosebumps” and “Fear Street” series by R.L. Stine, I still have to run down the hall after shutting off the bathroom light in the middle of the night.  Life was good and I was psyched when the Scholastic Book Fair set up camp and I’d agree to tack on a few extra chores for a new “Sideways Stories from Wayside School”.  Day to day crap gets in the way sometimes and the constant travel doesn’t make visits to the library very convenient but soon enough my shelves will come out of storage and I’ll dust off my old classics… I may have to hit up my parent’s attic and find my copy of “A Wrinkle in Time“, for nostalgia sake of course.


p.s. I know i’m way behind (hello movie and all) but  leo just snagged a copy of “Water for Elephants” for me, can’t wait to crack the binding on the journey to San Fransisco!

p.s.s. What are you reading?

what had happened was…

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the adventure continues, just not exactly the way we originally thought… but that’s just how we do things anyhow.

after two months of road-tripping, catering, exploring, driving, trains, friends, meeting new folks, etc – aggie was a bit homesick for fla.  it worked out more than perfectly to surprise her dad for father’s day, so that’s what we did.  we’ve been holding down the fort in good ol’ holiday, fl!  following the casey anthony case, hanging with buds, watching the rays and sitting pool side with the fam.

from florida we will be flying out to san fran… why?  see below:

you may have noticed we’re not gallivanting through the UK at the moment… if you have no clue what i’m talking about then click here.  UK is still absolutely on the list, but it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t take the most circuitous, thrilling route.

backtracking to a few weeks ago to a fun surprise we’ve tried to keep under wraps (a tad superstitious and all)…

thanks to a short trip into brooklyn and a quick visit to visit my pal mikey and after rigorous interviews and weeks of excitement…  leo and aggie will be the newest crew members of Airbnb (our next step in being world citizens).  For now it’s west coast or bust!  san fran to be exact.

we’re thrilled to add this adventure to our story and be a part of such a incredible company and team of creative, dynamic individuals!

the cotswold countryside will come soon enough… now, it’s time to meet our new coworkers!!

have any of you used Airbnb, what are your thoughts?

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