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today looks like this…

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just in time for this weekends best friend’s visit- the trees, flowers and all of Brooklyn is bursting!


August is For Mermaid Hair…

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and nose bubbles

xo, aggie!

life’s a beach.

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Leonard, Agnes and gang decided to go to the beach to soak in the sun and meet up with a good friend.

They packed Agnes’ car to full capacity.
They brought chairs and umbrellas.
They hid from the rain.
They overcame massive bridges.
They nearly got carsick.
They laughed.
They chanted “beach, beach, beach!”
They drove and drove.
They passed their destination.
They drove back.
They found their friend.
They set up the umbrella/tent backwards.
They set up the umbrella/tent forwards.
They laughed some more.
They ate some sandwiches.
They did the “stingray shuffle”.
They collected shells in the Gulf.
They “built” a sandcastle.
They swam in a 100 degree saltwater pool.
They washed the sand off their feet.
They repacked the car.
They gave their friend hugs.
They stopped for ice cream on the way home.
They unloaded the car….again.
They had a snack.
They went to bed.

Agnes drove till she was blue in the face.  Leonard may never return to the beach.  A mini adventure and a great day!!

lady friends.

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no, not my physical lady friends but some special gals in orlando, fla.  today one is having a a lovely little garden party, perfect timing for spring/summer in florida.  part of me is super bummed to be missing this, the chats, the catching up, the exchange of fresh blossoms and tasty snacks.  while they put on pretty dresses and listen to perfect summer tunes, leonard and i sit in 60 degree overcast, misty, damp, weather making our own fun and trying to sell a collection of “goods”.  the other part of me that’s not missing my family/friends and the sunshine is really looking forward to more ventures and setting new goals.

hard to believe that tomorrow will be a month since we set off in the good ol’ budget truck!

so, even if it’s not yet sundresses and sandals… me and this fella haven’t quit the laughter or the adventure- no weird northern weather can ruin that!

xo! agnes

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