keepin’ it sharp in shelton, ct.

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first things first||i introduce to you my new pal, elsie:

elsie from ouraugust on Vimeo.

so, in the past few days leonard has been showing me around his hometown of shelton ct. just a bit northeast of nyc (a quick trip on the metro north and you can find yourself basking in the beauty of grand central station!).  keep in mind i’m a florida girl, so the bending and weaving and bobbing up and down hills and winding down east village rd. is enough to make me hurl!  leonard’s mama has been kind enough to let me ride around in the front seat- although i’m pretty sure she’s just channeling her inner driving miss daisy.

we’ve been touring through webb mountain park on the ol’ honda and checking out antique shops that are within 220 yr old saltbox homes.  we ate fresh salads/soups and an adorable mini sandwich at oolee cafe.  KILLER sushi at hunan pan… i’m not just saying that- these guys know how to create (think kiwi and apple)!  took a drive out to long island sound to grab a sunset, some sand, seagulls and fresh seafood at jimmies.

we’ve really been enjoying faithie and harley’s hospitality while we make plans for our next outing.  it’s always nice to know there is a warm, safe place with terrific mom hugs to embrace you, whether you’re coming/going or just staying for a bit.



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  1. How darn cute is that Agnes! She’s my cuppie-cake!

  2. love all that you have already seen and done! i want to be a stowaway on your little adventure!

  3. Shelton is glad to have you!!!!


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